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Super Scarf Crochet Pattern

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It’s time for the final pattern of the 2022 Guest Designer Series! The Victoria Super Scarf crochet pattern looks so comfy and cozy, a perfect accessory for you or a loved one! Check it below and learn all about our Guest Designer, Bernadine from Me N My Hook!

Free Crochet Super Scarf Pattern

Meet The Designer

Hi I’m B, mum of 2 cheeky boys, shoe and handbag lover and the crocheter behind Me ‘n’ My Hook.  I began crocheting to make homewares for myself and quickly fell in love with the craft and was a gift maker to support my yarn habit until 2020 when I ‘officially’ began designing.  Today, I design accessories – shawls and bags being my favourites, and garments and am a huge fan of simple textured crochet that looks difficult to make but actually isn’t.

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Victoria Super Scarf Ad-Free Premium PDF Printable

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Super Scarf Crochet Pattern By Me N My Hook

Free Easy Super Scarf Crochet Pattern

Super Scarf Pattern Information

The Victoria Super Scarf is an easy super scarf crochet pattern that is named after two tall people I love, my Dad – Victor, and my bestie since forever Victoria.  Long, stripey and quick to work up, this super scarf is a great beginner crochet pattern that will work well in a colour palette featuring 2 or more colours.

The Victoria Super Scarf is a beginner pattern using the Silt Stitch.  Using only standard crochet stitches and a 2 row repeat this stitch creates a textured pattern that has some openness to it.

Worked on a long chain, the original design is worked in multiple colours and incorporates the colour changes into the tassels/fringe which is added at the end.  As an alternative to this colour block fringing you could try a multi colour approach, or pom poms although I am not very good at making them I believe they would look amazing.  

I chose to use *Brava Worsted in Hunter, Paprika, White and Tranquil.  I have never tried Brava before but have heard great things and the colours looked amazing so I had to try.

A special thank you to *WeCrochet for providing the yarn for this project and sponsoring the the Guest Designer Series!

Super Scarf Crochet Pattern using Brava Worsted Yarn

Victoria Super Scarf





15 dc x 10 rows = 4″ Square


11″ x 95″ approx. – without fringe

Stitch Abbreviations

  • Chain – ch
  • Single Crochet – sc
  • Double Crochet – dc

Pattern Notes

  • US Terminology
  • Ch1 does not count as a stitch

Colour Guide

  • A – Hunter
  • B – White
  • C – Tranquil
  • D – Paprika
Stripped Crochet Super Scarf Free Pattern

Super Scarf

The Pattern

Using colour A

Ch 303

Row 1: Dc in the 4th ch from the hook, dc in every ch across, turn (302).

Row 2:  Ch1, (sc, 2dc) in the same st, *sk2, (sc,2dc)*, repeat between * and*  until 3 sts remain, sk2, sc in the last st, turn (302). 

Row 3:  Ch1, dc in the same st, dc in each st across, turn (302).

Row 4 – 27:  Repeat rows 2 – 3 changing colours as in the layout plan below:

Row 5 Colour A

Rows 6 – 7 Colour B

Rows 8 – 9 Colour C

Rows 10 – 15 Colour A

Rows 16 – 17 Colour D

Rows 18 – 21 Colour A

Rows 22 – 23 Colour B

Rows 24 – 25 Colour C

Rows 26 – 27 Colour A

Tie off and secure your ends.


Add fringe/tassels in the same colour as the row along the short end of your scarf.

Free Crochet Super Scarf Pattern

All Set!!!

I hope you enjoyed the pattern.  Please feel free to pop into my Facebook group or tag me on social media @menmyhook to share your #VictoriaSuperScarf I would love to see your work.

Prefer printed copies better?! The ad-free printable premium PDF version is available on My N My Hook’s Etsy or Ravelry!

Original Design by Bernadine Graham

I hope you enjoyed making the Victoria Super Scarf !

A very special thank you to Bernadine Graham for sharing her pattern with us! Let’s share some love by checking out her pages and socials!

If you have nay questions about the pattern please contact Bernadine directly HERE

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