Crochet Pattern Tester Application

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Would You Like to be a Crochet Pattern Tester for Through The Loop Yarn Craft?

You’ve come to the right place! Below you will find the application form for pattern test opportunities. When I am in need of pattern testers I will send out an email to those who have signed up, with all of the information and requirements of the test. From there you can choose if it’s a test you’d like to participate in!

For more information on pattern testing you can go here to find out how crochet pattern testing can benefit you. You can also go here for further info on what you need to get started as a pattern tester!

Please fill out the form below as honestly as you can! I look for testers of all skill level and experience.

Please note: I do not condone or allow copyright infringement or pattern sharing, nor any illegal activity of any kind associated with my business. If you apply below you are agreeing to also live by these laws and morals!

By filling in the form below you are also agreeing to receive emails from me regarding upcoming crochet pattern testing opportunities.

Please answer honestly!
How long you've been crocheting, what is your favourite thing to crochet etc.

Thank you so much for visiting! I’m excited to work together!



Sharing is caring!


  • Sharron Turner

    I look forward to assisting you with pattern testing and just making another crochet friend/friends.
    I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your patterns.

    • Margaret A. Rivers

      Hi, my name is Margaret, I be been crocheting for 4 years. And I really enjoy it. I like the endless possibilities . I made blankets,scarves,shawls, mostly stuff to keep practice with.I find to be lots of fun. Crocheting can be very relaxing, and can be very rewarding, not by just money. I ve given lots away.

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