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Free Crochet Hot Pad Pattern

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It’s baking season! I’m not sure about you but my kitchen really need some new hot pads this year! I decided to whip some nice and thick new ones this year and am so happy to share the Benson Free Crochet Hot Pad Pattern with you!

Free crochet hot pad pattern

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Crochet Hot Pad Ad-Free Premium PDF Printable

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Double Thick Crochet Hot Pad

The Benson Hot pad is double thick and textured for the perfect kitchen accessory.

The pattern is crocheted in continuous rounds, using 2 strands of cotton yarn held together, to give this pot holder great integrity, holding up to heat and keeping your hands and counters safe.

I chose to use *WeCrochet’s *Dishie yarn in Silver and Navy. I love that Dishie is strong and functional, and still soft!

A special thank you to *WeCrochet for providing the yarn for this project.

Benson Hot Pad free crochet pattern

Video Tutorial

The Tester Pictures

My testers did awesome and had some fantastic colour combos!

Some of the yarns they used included: I Love This Cotton, and Lily Sugar n Cream,

Crochet hot pad pattern yellow and orange
Photo courtesy of Amber Delsart
Crochet hot pad pattern pink and blue
Photo courtesy of Bobbie Huddleston
Crochet hot pad pattern green and white
Photo courtesy of Christopher Melton
Crochet hot pad pattern red and white
Photo courtesy of Terrie Ahlers

24 Days of Quickies With Marly & Friends

It’s the annual 24 Days of Quickies with Marly and Friends!

TTLYC was featured on December 9, 2022! You can still grab the PDF copy of the Benson Hot Pad on Etsy or Ravelry.

Crochet Hot Pad Pattern





7 sts x 6 rows = 2″ Patten for gauge: same as pattern


Laid flat, no blocking: 8″ x 8″

Stitch Abbreviations

  • ch(s) – Chain(s)
  • sc – Single Crochet
  • scblo – Single Crochet Back Loop Only
  • sl st – Slip Stitch
  • st(s) – Stitch(es)
  • Rnd(s) – Round(s)

Pattern Notes

  • US Terminology
  • Pattern is worked with two strands of yarn held together
  • Pattern is worked in continuous rounds
  • You can choose to use a stitch marker in the first st of each rnd to keep track of your st count for each rnd, or keep working in continuous rnds until you have reached the correct height.
  • Pattern is worked in multiples of any number for desired size
Free crochet double thick hot pad pattern

Benson Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

The Pattern

Using two strands held together, Ch 50, leaving long tail, approx. 45″ or more, for seaming the bottom closed.

Join ch with a slst, being careful not to twist, ch1.

Working in continuous rounds, use a stitch marker in the first stitch if necessary

Rnd 1: Starting in the same ch as the ch1, sc in the first ch, sc in each ch around (50).

Rnd 2: Scblo in the first st, scblo in each st around (50).

Rnd 3 – 20: Repeat rnd 2

Once last st is complete, ch8, using both strands, sl st in the first st at the base of the hot pad, cut one strand leaving long tail for weaving in, approx. 45″ or more.

Ch 1, with remaining strand, to continue to sl st across to seam the top closed.

Using the long tail from the starting ch, sl st across the bottom of the hot pad to seam closed.

Weave in all ends, block if desired, and you’re done!

Free crochet hot pad pattern

All Set!!!

There you have it! Your very own Benson Crochet Hot Pad!

Prefer printed copies better?! The ad-free printable premium PDF version with stitch tutorial is available on Etsy or Ravelry!

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I hope you love your new hot pad!! I would love to see how yours turn out!

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