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Crochet Shawl Patterns

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Over the last few years crochet shawls have made quite the comeback! I see then all over the place now. There are such a wide variety of crochet shawl patterns available too, the options are endless! I’ve gather up over 35 beautiful crochet shawl patterns for your browsing and making pleasure! Scroll through to find your faves and your next crochet project!


Over 35 crochet shawl patterns round up

Styles Of Shawls

Crochet shawls come in many styles and they are all fun to make! Some of the most popular styles are:

  • Triangle Shawls
  • Rectangle Shawls
  • Wrap Shawls
  • Pocket Shawls

Crochet Stitches For Shawls

Pretty much any stitch or stitch combination can be used to make a crochet shawl. The patterns listed below use all different stitches and combinations. Whatever your favorite stitch is will make a great shawl, another reason why we love shawls!

How To Wear A Crochet Shawl

Yet, another reason shawls have made such a comeback is they are great for everything! Gone are the times of thinking shawls are just for keeping granny warm. Shawls can be worn for almost any occasion, or season! They pair perfectly over a sundress, make a great swimsuit cover up or sarong, and look fabulous looped for a layered scarf or cowl look, and can add an extra layer of warmth during the Fall and Winter.

What Yarn To Use For A Crochet Shawl

Short answer: ANY!

No really, any yarn, fiber, or weight can be used for a shawl. Lighter weight yarn in fibers like cotton make perfect warm weather shawls. Likewise, heavier weight yarn in acrylic or wool are ideal for cold-weather shawls to snuggle into.

As you can see shawls are pretty fantastic! Scroll on down to find a variety of shawl patterns for all skill levels and seasons!

There You Go!!

Over 35 crochet shawl patterns for every season and occasion!

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I hope you enjoy these awesome patterns! Be sure to give all the designers some love for sharing with us!!

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