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Crochet Pattern Tester: The Benefits For You!

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If you have been around the crochet niche like at all, you’ve probably seen beautiful posts about patten tests. If you are like me, when I first started seeing these, then you’ve probably said to yourself “I wanna do that, I want to be a crochet pattern tester!!”

Well, my lovely, you should!!

But why should you get into crochet pattern testing? Is there a benefit to being a pattern tester other than crocheting?

Why, yes, yes there is! There’s actually MANY reason’s how being a crochet pattern tester can benefit YOU!

Benefits of Being a Crochet Pattern Tester

1.Enhance your skills. Yep, this is a great one! Through my crochet pattern tester adventures I got to try stitches and techniques I probably wouldn’t have just done on my own. Also, it gets your cro-jo moving and encourages you to keep on keepin’ on, which, therefore, gives you more practice!

2. Learn New things. I know, this was kind of discussed above, but it really does deserve to be on its own too. have you only really made afghans and scarfs, or dishcloths and hats? This is an amazing way to push those crochet skills, and try new things like amigurumi or a garment!

3. Get your name out there. Are you thinking about growing beyond a hobbyist? Being a crochet pattern tester is probably one, if not THE best way to get your name out there and interacting with designers and buyers of the niche. Designers generally give some mad shout-outs to their testers all over social media. Start building credibility now by showing your reliability and of course your amazing, quality work.

4. Make new friends. The crochet universe is filled some of the most amazing people I have come across. The love and support around the community is truly unbelievable! Everyday you are introduced to inspiring, helpful and encouraging souls who are with you every step of the way. If you’ve seen the hashtag #communityovercompetition you’ll feel it as get a closer relationship within the niche. Being a tester really helps build a closer one-to-one bond as you communicate in smaller groups and really get to know one another.

5. HAVE FUN! Oh, it’s so much fun! Trust me, you’ll see!


So….. Have I convinced you to get started with your first pattern test?! Maybe you have some more questions about how, where, what do I need etc. have no fear, my dear. You may feel more than welcome to leave any questions below….and…. I will have some follow up posts to come where we will dig deeper into those answers. In the meantime, if you’re ready to jump in you can apply to be a tester for Through The Loop Yarn Craft here, and you can also check out this group on Facebook; I like to post tester calls here as well!

Be sure to check out the next articles: Crochet Pattern Tester: What You Need To Get Started. and Crochet Pattern Tester: Where to Find Pattern Testing Opportunities.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to check out some of my patterns here.

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I so appreciate your love and support!

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