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#WhyIMake – My 1 Year Blogaversary Story

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Well, we did it! On October 1st, 2020, the TTLYC Blog will hit the one year Blogaversary, so what better time than now to go through some milestones and #WhyIMake. And yes, I give many life moments the “averary” name! My husband thinks it’s hilarious. You know like Instagramaversary, or for my day job I have my Ridgeaversary! I just like to celebrate as many opportunities as I can!

There have been several moments of reflection this week that gave me the push to make a post like this. First, *LoveCrafts has asked as part of their yearly Crafties Awards to share #WhyIMake. I realized I haven’t actually shared too much my story!

Second, Pam Grice the from the Crochetprenur asked members of The *Crochetpreneur Business Academy about our business journey so far.

Now, I was really putting this alltogether in my massive cave of thoughts, and decided that in honour of my Blogaversary, now is a great time to share my maker story!


This could be a long story as I make for so, so many reasons!! Since I was a child I was always finding different ways to express my creativity. I have tried many different outlets and mediums over the years.

My Grandma, Nana, was very creative. She was a seamstress by trade and was always playing with yarn as well. From knitting, crochet, and plastic canvas, there was never a yarn shortage around. I’m pretty sure her creative genes got passed to me as it surely skipped my mother!

My first creative entrepreneurial experience started when I was 10. My Nana had a table at flea market for all her makes, so I joined her and began selling my beaded jewelry! I made all sorts of pieces from those tiny glass beads, and put them on a little display case to sell at that flea market! I made a few dollars every week and truly ignited the creative entrepreneur in me!

A Creative To The Core

That creativity never faded, even when the outlet changed. My creativity has always been a BIG part of who I am. From arts and crafts to musical theatre I’ve always been actively pursuing an outlet.

Fun Fact!!

I was a ballet dancer for the better part of my youth. From age 4 – 16 I danced daily! Modern, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, I did it all!

After high school graduation I focused mostly in Theatre. I was involved in many plays and musical theatre productions.

Cake Splendour

Once I became a mom I started to dive into cake decorating! I fell in love with all the beauty that I could create and then EAT!! It didn’t take too long for me to get back to that entrepreneurial spirit and in 2007 started my cake business, Cake Splendour.

From Birthdays, to baby showers, and baptisms, to weddings I was soon one busy momma! Over the years, and as more babies came, I stopped taking orders and now only make cakes occasionally. There are times I absolutely miss this particular creative outlet. I’m sure my waistline is appreciative though!

Here are some of my fave cake creations over the years!

The Why

So, beyond the creativity in my bones; if I were to truly look for the most basic answer, the answer that was the underlying force through all my creative adventures…. it would have to be because I’m a giver.

#WhyIMake….. I’m a Giver.

I truly love that I can help, encourage, or physically provide things, or experiences that make others happy!

I love to do things for people. I love to make sure that I have somehow made someone else’s day better.

I don’t even mean in a big way. If there is something I can do to even make someone smile only for a second, that fills my heart!!

Of Course, My Family

The fact that I am a creative giver is probably why I have so many kids!! #WhyIMake is sooo driven by my babies. I love being able to provide them with the fruits of my many endeavours! All 7 of my tiny humans give me the driving force everyday to stay dedicated, focused, and creative!

Here’s my little loves a couple weeks ago for their first day of school 2020! Also, the very first year all 7 of them are in school!!

Today, September, 30 also happens to be our youngest kiddo, Hunter’s, 5th Birthday!! YEP!! More celebrating!!

Crochet Biz Journey

As I mentioned earlier, Pam from The Crochetprenuer asked us to look at our crochet journey and map out some highlights to have a visual of our progress!

This was such a fun and enlightening experience! It has been such an interesting journey and I could NOT have come this far without all your support and encouragement!

If you are interested in your own crochet biz I HIGHLY recommend checking out Pam and all her amazing wisdom at The Crochetpreneur!! I have learned so much from the *Crochetprenuer Business Academy and the amazing group of like-minded friends, and crochet business owners I have met!

With Great Thanks And Gratitude

I am so overjoyed with this journey so far at TTLYC! This has been by far one of THE BEST creative journeys I have been on!!

My BIG #WhyIMake in regards to Through The Loop Yarn Craft is sharing with everyone the joy I get with a bit of yarn and a hook! I truly hope that my creations bring you as much as joy as it does me!!

Take a look here at the patterns I have available!! To find your next creative adventure!!

If you’d like to stay In The Loop with all things Through The Loop Yarn Craft join the Newsletter for a special gift and updates of pattern releases and special offers!

Thank you again so, so much for joining me on this journey!! I am looking forward to celebrating many more Blogaversaries with you!!!!



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