Blog Hop FAQ’s

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Having troubles or an issue? Please check here for a solution.
If you do not find a solution to your query in the list below, please email [email protected] or ask your question in the Facebook Group


  1. The Pattern Says There Is A Fee?

All of the designs are offered for free on their designated feature day. It may be that you’re trying to access a pattern that is no longer available for free. Check the blog hop main page: for today’s featured pattern. If the design is today’s featured pattern, be sure you’re logged into Ravelry and simply click “buy it now” and enter the promo code, find the code here, to have the price reduced to $0.

2. The Download Code Won’t Work

Be sure you’re logged into Ravelry before trying the promo code. You could also try adding the pattern to your cart, click “buy it now” and then “enter promo code. Double check you have the pattern of the day selected as well!

3. I Cannot Open The PDF

If you’re on a phone or tablet, you may need to follow special instructions to open a PDF file on that device. Because each device is different, I suggest checking with Google to find out how to do this on your device. 

4. Where Is The Pattern?

If you successfully used the code to get the PDF pattern for free from Ravelry. You should get an email from Ravelry with a Download button. You should also be able to find it in your Ravelry Library.

5. I Missed A Day, Can I Still Get The PDF For Free?

Unfortunately, the free PDF’s are only available for a 24 hour period. You can, however, check the Designers website as often, there is a a free version available on their blog. You can also sign up for daily email reminders to ensure you don’t miss another!

Sharing is caring!